Montana Rotary Exchanges bridge the world through their youth exchange program as students travel to foreign lands to be Ambassadors of peace for Rotary.  

If you think you would like to be a good representative for Rotary International Use the following link to start your application: 

Background information and the student handbook may be obtained at the following link:  

Here are the steps for students interested in our District 5390 Youth Exchange Scholarship:

Next Steps:

  1.  Discuss with parents and review all information on youth exchange on the handbook from the link above.   Make sure you understand the program details. Exchange students typically leave Montana for their host country in the middle of August or early September.  
  2. COST:  The cost of being an exchange student is shared between the student's family and the District.
    1. District - Approximately $20,000,
      1. we provide round trip travel and travel insurance,
      2. Youth Exchange Blazer,
      3. Training to be an exchange student,
      4. Language classes,
      5. Placement of student with foreign partner
    2. Students Family - 
      1. Application Fee $125
      2. Program Fee: $7,500
        1. Payable in installments
        2. Students often fundraise to cover the costs.
      3. Medical and Dental examinations
      4. Passport
      5. Visa
      6. In country insurance a District may require
      7. Contingency Fund if required, typically $250 - $500
        1. Used to cover unforeseen expenses such as participation in extracurricular activities.
  3. Requirements
    1. At least 16 years of age at the time of the exchange year,
    2. Demonstrated maturity, 
    3. Demonstrated ability in academics,
    4. Possess an outgoing personality who enjoys new adventures,
    5. Pass a medical and dental physical,
    6. Recommendation from School Counselor,
    7. Interview by host Rotary Club,
    8. Attend student exchange orientation (zoom meetings),
    9. Studied a foreign language
      1. It is helpful if you have studied the language of the country you are assigned to.
We strive to place the student in a country of their choice and will ask for 3 choices.  We cannot guarantee placement however.
Our current Trading Partner Countries:
Ecuador, France, Italy, Austria, Taiwan, Brazil, Denmark, Spain, Japan.   
Other countries may be available.

For more information on our District Youth Exchange email: